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Your blog is probably one of the most important aspects of your online content marketing system; you can build content and increase backlinks to your website with a well-managed blog, making it a highly valuable tool for your business. It is estimated that companies who blog regularly boost their visitor rates with as much as 55% and helps to build loyalty and trust among your audience.

Blogging is an excellent way for your business to position itself as a market leader and convey important information about your business. Thousands of blogs are being launched every day – big and small businesses are using blogs to get in front of their customers and their prospects in order to drive leads into sales. But not every small business owner knows how to set up a log, add content and build an audience. This is where professional blog management comes in – a team that takes care of your entire blog, from installation and set-up to new content and social media updates.

You might wonder why you need a blog – here’s why:

  • More than 50% off all internet users read blogs on a regular basis
  • Companies that blog gets more visitors
  • Inbound marketing costs less per lead than traditional advertising efforts
  • Around 57% of businesses have acquired customers through their blogging efforts

Here are another few interesting facts: 6.7 million people blog on blogging sites 12 million people blog via social media sites. The majority of bloggers online are women, while around 23% of internet time is spent reading blogs and social media. This shows just how big content marketing has truly become; but this makes some bloggers wonder how they will manage to get their blog on top of search engine results. The answer is simple: effective content marketing.

Content that Converts

Content is definitely essential for any small business who wants to build their reputation and boost their online visibility. But how do you add valuable content to your website or blog that will help to convert leads into sales? Well, this is where a content marketing team can come in very handy. However, if you want to write your own blog content, remembers the 5 C’s of content creation: context, cornerstone, connection, conversion, copy.

Blog management services include everything above – creating content for your blog that will help to covert leads into customers. Blog management is more than just adding a fresh blog post every once in a while – it involves creating custom content for your audience, marketing your content on social media profiles and other websites, and connecting and interacting with your customers.

Who Needs Blog Management?

In short – everyone! A blog is the perfect way to provide quality information to your readers, encouraging them to subscribe to your email updates, return for more interesting news and of course buy your products. But what makes for a good blog? How does your small business build one? How do you make sure that you do it right?

As a business you need to actively market your products and services online and what better way to consistently add fresh content to your site than with a blog. You will not only connect with your audience but you will add fresh content to your site that will help to boost your search engine rankings and boost your visibility among customers.

Maintaining a business blog can be time consuming, especially if you have no prior experience in setting up and managing a blog. You need to install your blog, configure your website, create fresh content, post it on your blog and connect to customers and prospects via social media. This is something that many small business owners choose t outsource so that they can save time and benefit from professional blog management.

What are the Benefits of Blog Management?

Blog management is a huge benefit for any small business, especially in terms of online management. Here are a few benefits of blog management for small businesses:

  • Significant time savings for you and your team
  • Professional blog set up and configuration
  • Regular posting of fresh, informative content
  • Sharing of content on social media

blog management

Blogging is good for business – it is estimated that small businesses can generate 126% more leads with effective blogging, while interesting content is one of the top three reasons why people follow brands on social media. Websites with blogs have 97% more links indexed and this is a huge benefit in terms of search engine optimization.

Another reason why professional blog management is a great idea for your business is the fact that 82% of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brands – isn’t it time you actively market yours?

Effective blog management can go a long way and if you want to succeed online and compete with similar businesses in your industry, it’s time you add a blog and make sure you have a professional marketing team to handle it on your behalf.

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